Cooking without borders


The idea of cooking outside of the traditional Portuguese cultural context constitutes an important challenge to the evolution of the task at hand. The opportunity to step out of the environment where I habitually cook, opens the doors to new possibilities; to experiment artistically and to gain a critical view of the way we relate to the culinary world and nourishment. A look at each country’s local culture, its cooking habits and traditions, the ingredients used and the various combinations available in mixing them all allow me to confirm that the cuisine of an individual country is an excellent vehicle through which we can get to know other cultures and initiate a dialogue.
The idea of developing an artistic approach to investigate culinary practises came to me in Brazil, during the various trips taken through many of the states in the country.
I was able to witness first-hand how an the preparation of food by apparently different processes appears to flow from the way that an individual relates to what they are making, creating a world in which the power of gesture transforms the kitchen into a performance space.
Having had the opportunity to cook in Ghana as a resident artist collaborating with an array of artists from various countries, I witnessed first hand that recipes themselves create produce very distinctive rituals and gestures characteristic to native cultures. I intend to expose these issues and bring them into the public sphere; into the field so vast and yet so restricted that we arbitrarily call contemporary art.