Expansive Culinary

Expansive Culinary is a research project which took place between 2007 and 2012 and investigates cooking traditions and the world of food.
I intend to develop a multi-media artistic approach to this exploration, based on performance, video and new media. My interest in cuisine and the methods of fusion cooking have led me to attempt to construct a platform from which I can utilize performance techniques set in diverse settings. As a result, these platforms are transformed into laboratorial territories from which I can explore a landscape that is both visual and physical – the junction between the world of food and the gestures involved in its preparation; which is in and of itself, a performance.
Through this exploration, there is a private world revealed by means of the significance given to the “stories” each person tells. Via a collection of interviews, I am allowed a look into this universe rich in material and construct a dialogue. This dialogue is in turn explored by a visual artist uncovering the evolving relationship between the concrete act of cooking, the movements and gestures of the individual doing the cooking and the social act of savoring a meal.

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