Selection of exhibitions i worked in at the Centro Cultural de Lagos

Other productions

Selection of exhibitions i worked in at the Centro Cultural de Lagos:

– 100 fotos, 100 obras, 100 anos – Óscar Niemeyer por Leonardo Finotti (Production)
– Local Worlds: spaces, visibilities ans transcultural flows(under the ALLGARV08) curated by Lúcia Marques &  Paula Roush(Production and Design)
– “Jesus Never Fails” by António Júlio Duarte (Production and Design)

– “Toll Free” – By the Fundação de Serralves under the ALLGARVE07 , curated by João Fernandes (Production and Design)
– Group exhibition by Ana Vidigal, Ângela Ferreira, Armanda Duarte, Fernanda Fragateiro, Maria Lusitano e Susanne S. D. Themlitz (Production and Design)
– Laccobriga: the Roman occupation in the Lagos bay. Museology by Rui Parreira, curated by Ana Arruda (Production, Museography and Design)
– “22 Casas de Eduardo Souto Moura” (Production)

– “Naturalia”, obras da colecçãoo do CAMJAP no Centro Cultural de Lagos curated by Leonor Nazaré (Production and Design)
– “ As Margens da Linha” by Rui Sanches curated by Emília Ferreira (Production)
– “Ponto de Fuga” – Fundação de Serralves curated by  João Fernandes (Production)
– Time Zones e Place in Time de Miguel Soares (Production)

– “Zoologia dos Trópicos” by Nelson Leirner & Jorge Dias, curated by António Pinto Ribeiro (Production and Design)
– Lagos anos 60-80: Bravo, Cutileiro, Lapa e Palolo curated by João Pinharanda (Production and Design)
– “Quando sou boa sou boa, mas quando sou má sou melhor” by Ana Vidigal curated by Lúcia Marques (Production and Design)
– “Delitos e Confissões” de Manuel Botelho curated by João Pinharanda