Underconstruction was a project of a creative arts research in Fine Arts, exhibition, publishing and urban intervention.


Underconstruction was a project of a creative arts research in Fine Arts, exhibition, publishing and urban intervention. It explores perspectives of urbanism in relation to various global migrant flows and (dis)locations in urban space and in the construction of urban neighborhoods. Underconstruction is defined in the urban cities spaces and geographies in transformation, as well as in the consequent impact on redefining the concept of local and national culture and definitions of state and nation.
Is not intended to be an inventory or even a detailed plan, but rather a critical analysis in a perspective of an artistic intervention, dialogue and debate, starting from an exhibition of Visual Arts and publication.
Curated by Paul Goodwin, and with an artistic project by Mónica de Miranda, the exhibition has a core of inedited works of the artist. The exhibition has also the participation of Artery Architects, Artur Moreira, Vasco & Sofia Borges Coelho and José Carlos Teixeira.
Through various partnerships, the parallel program calls creators, scholars and critics to reflect and engage in various activities. The program to highlight is the book launch (with texts by Paul Goodwin, Manuela Ribeiro Sanches, Plataforma Artigo 65 and Artéria Arquitectura) and the cinema cycle curated by Lucia Marques, connecting different spaces of the city. During the exhibition, we will also edit a Catalogue, with texts by Paul Goodwin and Fernandes Dias.
«THERE IS NO SINGLE EXPERIENCE OF CITY LIFE”, writes Paul Goodwin. In his words, the subaltern and peripheric Urbanisms, until now understood as local, have been limiting our understanding not only in terms of how these spaces are produced, but also in what they represent and mean, in its complexity and diversity. “Studies of urban changes” do not cover the totality of the culturally diverse urban experience. In other words, culturally diverse communities have contributed much to the current vibrancy of cities in Europe. These communities need to be central to any inner city urban regeneration efforts, such as the 2012 Olympics in London and the regeneration of the outskirts of Lisbon. ..
The paradoxes and contradictions of what he calls “Global Cultural diversity” range from fashion to music, from Jazz to Hip Hop through Funk, responsible for the “rebirth” of a culture in metropolitan cities like New York, London, Paris or Tokyo.
In the history of these cities, and in the Portuguese history and contemporary reality of Lisbon, the influence of post-colonial migration is seen in many cases as a source of energy, renewal and cultural modernism, rhythms brought by the colonial past, present in the migrant flows and in the influence of the American culture.
This is particularly the case of Lisbon. Our capital has become to a city in urban, demographic transformation, which is necessarily cultural.

website: www.underconstruction.xerem.org